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Over the years, I've made a lot of transcontinental moves between Israel and various temporary homes in the two coasts of the United States. Music followed me through the transitions, from the big grand piano in our one-year sublet in Cambridge, to the Efroni youth choir I sang with growing up in Emeq Hefer, and then to my first exposures to jazz records in high school in the Bay Area, where I formed my first bands with friends. 


I moved to Cambridge, MA, to begin the ethnomusicology PhD program at Harvard in the Fall of 2013. In my work, I'm broadly interested in social politics of aesthetics, specifically of vocal music, in both the US and Israel/Palestine. My work in the US focuses on vocalists in the New York jazz scene, and connections between vocal aesthetics and politics of gender, race, and sexuality. And my work in Israel focuses on Mizrahi vocal music and national discourse. My thesis, which I'm working on now, is on the relation between Yemeni-Jewish music and Mizrahi consciousness and activism in contemporary Israel/Palestine.



scholar & writer

singer & Creator


While studying at the University of California, Berkeley, and with the help of the Jazzschool (now also the California Jazz Conservatory), I sang in as many contexts as I could. Over time I became increasingly invested in research and analytical writing. I graduated with a BA in music in 2011, with a thesis titled "Singing Amharic in Tel-Aviv: Ethiopians in Israeli Popular Music. " 


So far, I have a couple of pieces out there (one in Ethnomusicology Review's Sounding Board, and a few in the Jazz Gallery's Jazz Speaks) and I've presented my work in conferences including the Society for Ethnomusicology, Rhythm Changes, and the EMP Pop Conference. For a couple of years I directed the Graduate Student Jazz Bands at Harvard, leading both a small ensemble and a Big Band, and curating our concerts. For the academic year 2016-2017, I lived in Brooklyn, NY, and worked with a number of awesome composing improvising singers on the jazz/creative improvised music scene.